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“I was feeling run down, tired and irritable. I had several treatments with Miss. Turner, and after each treatment, I felt energetic, and in charge again. I was ready to face life full force.”
C. McKnight – School Administrator, Detroit, MI

“Acupuncture gave me my life back. I was overweight, in my late fifties, stressed out, with arthritis, poor circulation and sinus problems. It was hard getting through the day, until I tried acupuncture with Ms. Turner. After a couple of treatments. I can now do many things that I wouldn’t have dared to try. Acupuncture and Ms. Turner helped me to enjoy my late years with less pain and less stress.”
S.Lovelace – Retired Teacher, Detroit, MI

“I came to Cheryl for acupuncture to treat acne that was associated with PMS. Not only did I notice that the symptoms eased within my first cycle after the treatment, but I also noticed that I had more energy and focus toward my creativity that I hadn’t had before. The treatments were beneficial as well as relaxing. My body has felt awakened and rejuvenated by the sensation and stimulation of acupuncture. Within two months I noticed that my cycle had less discomfort, and dramatically less negative symptoms, such as the acne!”
K.H. – Flight Attendant and College Student

“I had heard about acupuncture treatment for many years, but had never tried it. I had a cold with sinus difficulties, and was very uncomfortable. Cheryl Turner gave me one of her mini treatments. I don’t know what I would have done without her and her treatments.”
L.Kelley – Teacher, Detroit, MI

“My sister and I both suffer with osteoarthritis. After our first acupuncture treatment from Cheryl Turner, we could get up from a sitting position without using a lot of effort to push ourselves up with our hands and arms. We could actually stand up hands-free! I have had several follow-up treatments and am experiencing increased mobility and decreased pain with each visit. I am so thankful to Cheryl and highly recommend her and have full confidence in her capabilities. She demonstrates a genuine desire to promote a healthier you!”
Dorothy Bateman – Retired Secretary, Michigan

“Cheryl is a well-trained acupuncturist. She grasps the essence of both theory and practice of oriental medicine. Her evaluative judgments based upon the theory of oriental medicine, are sharp. At the same time, her therapeutic needling techniques are superb. Actually, she treated my insomnia and chest discomfort very effectively. With confidence, I can recommend Cheryl to you as your Health Guardian as well as a Healer.”
Kenji Aoki, Acupuncturist, IL.

“It is obvious to me that Cheryl Turner is an extraordinary woman, in our vibrant healing profession (acupuncture). With great capability, she works with people from a variety of groups and ideas, and this is reflected in her universality of vision. Her treatments are powerful and to the point; her compassion is boundless. This is how I experience Cheryl, both in class and the treatment room. I am delighted to recommend her work to all people.”
Patricia Worth, Licensed Acupuncturist, New York,
Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Dipl.Ac.